Fnatic Esports worth $7Million

Fnatic Esports worth $7Million



What does Fractal designs and Boston Celtics have in common? Well quite a bit now if you ask Fnatic Gaming Organization. Recently there has been a seven million dollar investment from high profile entrepreneurs wishing to make their mark in the ever growing esports and online entertainment realm. Today we will go over what this big donation will do for ever growing European esports organization Fnatic and the entrepreneurs behind this outrageously large investment.

The Investors

So what transpired in this multi million dollar investment? Well Owner of AS Roma and Boston Celtics, Jim Palotta and Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Labs and founder of Fractal Design are none other than the root cause of this investment. They both, seeing the huge growth of 43% in the past year, see that esports and digital entertainment is a growing model that is a solid investment for anyone’s portfolio.

Opportunity and Foundation

The funding from this investment will go forward to help this organization fund more staff for the players, to keep them sharp and have an edge on their competition, as well as boost more housing locations so that they can expand into other competitive esport markets. The funds are also apparently going to be used to persue Fnatic’s BUNKR, which is their brick and moarter store, which almost any professional basketball, hockey, baseball, and even football team has themself, they have put in place where customers could come in, and purchase brand material such as apparel, trinkets, and pro kits.