Fire Emblem Heroes – A Guide To a Good Defense Team

Fire Emblem Heroes – A Guide To a Good Defense Team


Fire Emblem Heroes – Defense Teams

Today we are going to talk about setting up a good defense team in fire emblem heroes for mobile. I’ll give you a quick run down, and then get into specifics.

       The first thing you need to know about defense teams is they have to have random movement capability. The common tactic in heroes (I will refer to the game as heroes from now on) is the bait and switch. Simply meaning, bait the enemy in you want to kill with your tank, or character that can kill them, by putting them JUST in range and keeping them out of other enemies ranges. Making it harder to predict where your team will end up at the end, or beginning, of a turn could decide the entire battle.

       Secondly, The person with the highest move speed will get to the enemy first, which is why it is HIGHLY recommended to NOT use CALVARY UNITS. Having the highest movement speed in the game, and being the MOST susceptible to the bait and switch maneuver makes them the worst units to have on your defense team.

       Third. Your two units that end up getting to the enemy first should ALWAYS have DISTANT COUNTER, or, CLOSE COUNTER, OR, LIGHTNING BREATHE. Not having these abilities causes them to go in without a counter to mages, bowmen and ninjas alike, who will either ping down, or kill them.

       Fourth and FOREMOST, your defense team is your first team in the allies edit menu lineup. That is, the far left team when cycling through. In case you were unaware.

Alright! Now we are ready to learn about the heroes that will make up a good defense team. We will need to fill 4 positions, and of course, we will use all four to the best of their design.

Number 1.

The first hero in your comp, one of the most important, is your re-position unit. By that I mean a hero who can give other heros extra turns. (Sing,dance etc) This hero makes your teams movements a lot harder to predict since it can give ANY of your units an extra turn, giving your team a chance at a pick, or, saving an ally from harm. For why this works and how it works see section titled “How the defense computer works”. Here are the heros with this ability. Since they are mainly used to re-position, and the computer won’t use them to attack unless it’s a good trade, build them to be assassins as their second use, so that they can win a weapon triangle fight.

  • Azura
  • Olivia
  • Ninian

Numbers 2 & 3

Here it is. The bread and butter. The hardest part of your team compilation is in your 2 and 3 slots, which comprise of your two fighting/front-line heroes. These will be the hardest of your team to assemble, but once you do, will become unstoppable monsters. For these positions in your team they must have the following attributes,

  • Distant Counter/Close Counter/Lightning Breath/Raijinto
  • If you are using a LIGHTNING BREATH user you MUST have SWORDBREAKER as the only known wielder of a dragon slayer type weapon, with the exception of NAGA which only one mage in the whole game has at this point.
  • TANK TANK TANK – Must have 50+ hp, or in lack of whatever hp, make up for with 1 extra point in both defense and resistance.
  • ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK – We are talking possible one shot potential. Either extremely high speed (40+) or extremely high attack (50+) or both if your just that lucky.
  • PO-SI-TION – I can’t hit up on this enough, one of the easiest ways to win or lose in a fire emblem game is positioning. Therefore the move taking skill for each of this units should be a positioning skill that moves the unit in regards to the units around it such that it ends up in front of them. Most common are PIVOT, SWAP and, the actual word this time, REPOSITION. On top of that one of them must have the positioning skill DRAWBACK. Drawback helps protect your simple minded AI controlled ally from running up to the first available enemy and wacking it. See, “How the defense computer works”.
  • Weapon of choice are as follows – Armads, Lightning Breath+, Falchion, (For mages and bow users there isn’t a specific here as it varies on speed) Raijinto, (Lance users really don’t have an op unique weapon so use the best available) and don’t make me say this again, but don’t use this slot for a shuriken or healing hero.
  • In addition to these other requirements the hero should quite obviously be a 5 star hero, but if you can’t get one, use the best available, you probably won’t meet the stat requirements in that case.
  • Your slot B for your skill slot needs to be one of two skills. Either Vantage, or if vantage is not available, Brash assault. (But please use vantage) Vantage allows you to attack first when attacked below a certain amount of hp. Normally it’s a lot lower but in this game you can set it to below 70% which is incredible. With your one shot potential this should save your two front-line heroes from (almost) ever being killed.
  • Finally, your special for these two heroes should either be Pavise or Aegis, granting them additional defense and survive-ability with some of the lowest CD’s in the game. (2 attacks to proc)

As the inherit skill option is now available I made stat requirements instead of hero recommendations. The only units with skills so specific you cannot inherit into any other unit, other than a unit that already has it, are sing/dance and healing abilities. I WILL however list the units with the core to this build, that being distant counter, close counter and lightning breath/Raijinto.

  • Ryoma – Raijinto
  • Hector – Distant Counter
  • Takumi – Close Counter
  • The following are all the lightning breath users
  • Adult Tiki
  • Nowi

Now for the last hero you need! Possibly the easiest, unless your pulls suck, the healer! The healer in your final and 4th slot must have One of two staves, Physic, so that they can heal from a distance and not get blown up by ranged attacks, or, Rehabilitate, which almost literally saves an ally from death. You can use literally any healer WHO ISN’T MOUNTED for this team so I will not list any heroes here. (Though mounted healers are not terrible, I can confirm they are not the best either. Though I myself am stuck with one for now)

And that’s it! Two unstoppable forces of nature, One healer keeping those brutes alive and one unit making sure everyone does what they’re supposed to be doing. You’ve got yourself a defense team!

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