Mundo Guide

Mundo Guide


Hello, I may not be the best Mundo player in the world, let alone North America, I leave that title to Mundo but I have a guide that has kept my win percentage at least 60% for over 60 games, here is how.


Quintessence – Scaling Health Regeneration x3


Glyph – Scaling Magic Resist x9

Seal – Scaling Health x9

Mark – Precision x9




Now the above Runes and Masteries were actually created on the intent of laning top, however they can be also used for jungle and support.

Skill Maximization:

Q > E > R > W

Now this can vary, Q is always maxed first, this skill will help you with last hitting if you are against a ranged opponent as well as help by slowing them for constant engage at level 6. If you are facing a close range based champion then E is preferred max second for stronger auto attacks , however if you are facing a CC based laner or team then maxing your W is a preferred concept to help with your tenacity as well as area of effect damage for team fights, which is why this skill will be more useful later in the game when you are in more team fights.

Item List:

Starting Items –


Build order can vary at this point, if you are facing a crit based opponent you would want to start  however if you are facing a more attack speed based champion you want to start  these are both preferred against attack damage based champions, where on the other spectrum if you are facing an AP based opponent you generally want to start , these are all situational, however if you feel safe in lane, think you may get ganked often and want something to help you clear wave  this is always a good choice.

End Game item build I use most often is as follows –

 >  >  >  >  > 

If you have any questions, ways I can improve this build, then please be sure to comment on this guide and give me your input, the only bad input is one not given.