Quick Guideline of being a One Trick in League of Legends

Quick Guideline of being a One Trick in League of Legends


So you want to one trick a champ to climb elo? Well here is a step-by-step guideline you can follow that can help you climb to your desired ranking. Obviously one tricking a champion alone will not give you the ranking you want, but it is a great place to start especially if you are still learning the game.

-Picking a Champion

Ban Rate: Make sure the champ that you want to one trick isn’t banned regularly

Reworks: Make sure the champ that you want to one trick isn’t scheduled for a future rework. This will obviously change the way the champ is played and also effect their pick and ban rate.

Skill Cap: Consider how high the skill cap is for that champion. Is it rewarding to play 100+ games with this champ? Or will someone who has played 10 games be just as good as you? It can be very rewarding learning mechanics for higher skilled champs, as it will allow you to pull away from people for only play the champ less frequently.

Guides: If you are going to one trick someone you need to learn the mechanics properly through guides and playthroughs. I suggest watching at least one guide on YouTube and one montage. Make sure they are made by players who are rank diamond and up so you don’t learn improper mechanics.

Flexibility: Make sure you can use this champion in a secondary role. That way you are able to play your one trick if you wont get your primary role.

Practice: Practice, Practice, Practice. You won’t be good over night. you may need to go through a losing streak to gain the knowledge needed to actually carry your games. If you are concerned about losing your ranking, practice in normal que.

Backup: Have another champion you can play in case your champ get banned, picked, or you get hard countered.

Fun: This may be the most important part of picking a champion. Make sure you have fun playing this champion. If you cant sit and play this champ 10+ games in a row, you may want to find your new one trick. As the saying goes, “You don’t choose your one trick, your one trick chooses you.”

I hope this quick guide helps you become a better one trick. Just know that you will need to have time and patience to acquire the rank you desire, so don’t give up! Once you put forth the effort and learn everything there is to know about your one trick, you will have an easier time playing League of Legends.