Revelation Online – Review

Revelation Online – Review


Revelation Online is a free to play MMORPG, developed by NetEase in China, is being
brought over to the US and Europe by publisher

In Revelation’s the world is vast and beautiful. There are 6 classes, all fairly unique in their
own way, with the basic trinity system requiring Heals, Tank, and DPS. The game also has
quite a few professions and social skills, hell you can get married if you wanted. The combat
system is a little clunky until you get used to the system which itself can be switched between
Aim Targeting, Keyboard/Tab Targeting, and Mousing Movement/Targeting; giving you your
perfect preference on how to play.

There is plenty of content in Revelation from dungeons and raids, open world and instanced PvP,
and massive world castle fights which allow guilds to control territory. One of my favorite parts is
the permanent flight in revelation, it allows you to explore at will and get to where is needed. And
of course the game has tons of customization options of different sorts.

My biggest issue with Revelation, is that there are many NPC’s you need to interact with to get
anything done. Sometimes it is hard to remember where they are, sometimes I’m running around
headless until i finally stumble upon the NPC I was looking for. The game also does not tell you
very much, at least in it’s current state on how to upgrade gear/get materials to upgrade, and it
was a bit of a struggle and took the help of some nice patrons to explain it to me.

Overall I really like the Revelation. It is gorgeous and fun, once you get a hang of the movement/combat
systems. There is a lot to it, which can feel very overwhelming but full and always keeps you busy.