Inky                      Rescudo            Shock             Norcon           Kwadjia            Sigma

 Player                               Player                                Player                                  Sub                                     Sub                            Coach/Sub

A quick look at our team!

INKY – Captain of the AvailGG Rocket League team, has been playing RL for over 1.5 years and
has over 1600 hours logged. Has been on top 100 leaderboards for 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s. INKY is
considered the 1’s player of the team. He loves to dribble and loves to powershot pass.
He would be considered the GarretG of our team.

Rescudo – Starter player for AvailGG Rocket League team. He has over 2700 hours logged into
the game and has been on allof the top 100 leaderboards at multiple times. He is our strategic
player, makes the strongest 50/50’s, and always has great positioning on the field.
He is our Fireburner.

Shock – Starter player for AvailGG Rocket League team. has over 1150 hours logged into the
game, and is currently fighting for a top 100 spot on the 2’s leaderboard.  He is the wildcard
and montage shot player of the team, who can pull of insane shots and saves that no one
would think would be possible, he is our Jacob

Sigma – Coach for AvailGG Rocket League team. He puts in just as many hours as the main
players watching demos, watching our streams, and finding out how to maximize our play
as much as possible. He has over 1600 hours logged in to the game.

Kwadija – Sub for AvailGG Rocket League team. Here from the beginning, he originally
started this team with INKY back when season 2 was still around. While not being able
to be around as much now because of his working situation, he puts in ample amount
of time subbing in for the team, and coaching the team with Sigma. He is also the only
professional Rocket League player to main the Masamune!

These players have been playing together for almost 8 months, and achieve astounding
results every week, making quater finals in 90% of the tournaments they play in! They also
have achieved week two in the RLCS NA qualifier and Mock-It league qualifier!